How to create a life?

How to create a life?

Aug 13 2020

What an amazing day today again. I’m looking back at an incredible period of self-discovery and self-care. After leaving my job in the corporate world I decided to focus on body, mind and soul. 

How to create a life - and jewellery - in 90 days. 

90 days for my body to unwind and relax away from absurd commuting hours. Leaving behind colleagues and a job I absolutely loved, but I had to learn to love myself a little bit more. I stopped counting the days when I felt dizzy getting out of my car. When I was running to the ladies room because my stomach was totally not ok. The driving was killing me slowly. I noticed it creeping upon me and I was silently panicking but I really loved what I was doing. 

How to choose? How to survive? How to live? Fortunately or unfortunately, a company reorganisation helped me choosing for me. I needed the break, really. Physically, mentally but perhaps mostly in my heart. 

I already overcame sickness after burn-out and getting back into the game. It was not to be repeated because I just knew the recovery would not be 100%. When you burn too many bridges in your body, there’s no way back. 

I had to make this choice. For me. For my son. You cannot explain to a 13 year old how important it is to take care of himself - and than do the opposite yourself. That just wasn’t right. 

Thankfully, I had a dream. A longtime cherished dream. I want to be a jewellery designer. A goldsmith. An alchemist playing with the elements of the universe. 

Over the last 15 years I have spend all my freetime into a metalsmithing course, a diamond polishing education, jewellery design and much more. A hobby that turned into a burning passion by the time I got 42. But how to start? How to create a life and jewellery? Thank God I have a big support team. My family, friends and colleagues all understood that I should take chances now. To make that dream a reality. And so here it goes.

The journey of my 90 days sessions are fully covered on Instagram (@lianejorissen_jewellery) and I will blog about my experience and my challenges here. 


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