Mind over matter?

Apr 11 2021 (repost because replatform)

Yesterday I woke up with a question in my mind. ‘What if words are gps-coordinates?’ What if these coordinates are navi-gate-ing us through spacetime providing us con-text to move within? 

Are we aware of the greatness and the speed in ‘real-time’? Real-time showing us now. Meaning that all other is not real-time? Everybody is using it and nobody sees it. Reality = re-al-it-y = Re (=RA) All it in I = ‘all the gold is within me/now’. 

When words are gps-coordinates, they helps us moving towards our destiny. In Dutch ‘onze be-STEM-ming’.

Mind over matter. With all our words we shape the universe… through the uni-verse. 

The united universal song from/for/by us all, the cosmic breath that puts everything into shape. 


Universum = uni-verse-om

Freedom = freed-om, free-dôme

Om = ohm = aum

Singing the Godly Golden song will set us free. 


Lass die Sonne in dein Herz 🌞

Herz or Heart is Hertz => the unit of frequency, vibration (sound), electromagnetic radiation (light) and computing (are we CPU’s?), the intelligent data-light (Bronlicht ipv lichtbron)

‘Use your voice’ - ‘To-get-her’ we sing in an or-chest-ra. Loading the gold into our chest/lungs and singing our world into existence. 


With love,


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